Do you want to feel good and regain the vitality you once had?

Are you starting to feel your age? Want to regain that vim,vigor, and vitality you heard about as a kid? It can be done. But the secret is not in a bottle. It's not that easy but it is definitely worth the effort. Come on in and give it a try.

I am a healthy, happy, 73 year old retiree with lots of experience in the pursuit of feeling good. I am not a health professional. I just want to share my knowledge, research, and opinions with people of all ages who really want to improve their health, fitness, and general well being. After all; nothing is more important than feeling good.

Any discussion of physical health, fitness, and vitality will obviously include topics such as diet, exercise, vitamins, supplements, chronic conditions etc. But there is much more to it than that. Many modern medical professionals have come to accept the idea that real healing takes place in the whole person. While analyzing cause and effect within the physical body, consideration must be given to the mental, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the patients life. This is the holistic approach to wellness. The American Holistic Health Association describes this approach in detail.

Included within this approach to wellness is the matter of responsibility. In the American tradition all aches and pains, or just not feeling good are handled by the family doctor. Modern medicine is fantastic but it can't do it all. I once had a general practitioner tell me that my physical well being was his responsibility. I left and never went back. There is only one person who can monitor every aspect of your physical and mental being. That person also subconsciously records all your spiritual and emotional highs and lows. You are that person and the job is yours.

What you see on this site will reflect my strong personal feelings and my desire to share. I am adamant in my belief that each of us needs to take more responsibility for our own well being. You may not agree with everything here. That's fine. But before you reject it, why not check it out?

It really doesn't matter where you begin. Just pick a topic and go for it. Here are some of the topics you can learn more about.

  • If I am only going to do one exercise, what should it be?
  • Should I go on a specific diet?
  • Should I be taking more vitamins?
  • What about prescription drugs?
  • Does holistic health mean I have to be religious?
  • What is naturopathy?
  • How does stress affect my well being?
  • Can memory loss be prevented?
  • I like my family doctor. How can she be more helpful?
  • Aren't seniors supposed to take it easy?

Vitality: The capacity to grow, or develop: Physical or intellectual vigor; energy.

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Alternative Medicine offers relief and wellness to millions of people of all ages.
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Home Remedies and Folk Medicine
Home remedies are worth a try.
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