Prescription Drugs and
the Health Food Store

Every year Americans of all ages consume more pills than ever. Besides prescription drugs, there are vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbal remedies and more. There seems to be an increasing desire to find a quick fix to every ailment, pain or malady with total disregard to the cause. This massive pursuit of relief is even greater in seniors. Any consideration that the human body can heal itself seems to have disappeared.

Can the body heal itself? This is what Dr. Deepak Chopra says in his book Power, Freedom and Grace: You have an inner pharmacy that is absolutely exquisite.You name it; the body can make it in the right dose, at the right time, for the right organ, with no side effects and all the instructions are contained in the packaging. This capacity demonstrates profound intelligence, and in fact your whole body is this field of intelligence.

When your body was in it's best health and you were taking no pills or medications, it was doing what Dr. Chopra describes. So what happened? Some things slow down, wear out, or somehow lose their capacity to perform as efficiently as they once did. Possibly they merely need proper nourishment and exercise.

On the other hand, you may actually need the artificial boost you are taking in a pill. The point is: Do you know the cause and every possible natural way to fix it? Are you really taking responsibility for all aspects of your health or do you abdicate that responsibility to you doctor or other health professional?

Sometimes we take pills out of frustration with the attitude 'it's worth a try' or 'if it worked for her it will probably work for me'. We have to understand what we are putting in our bodies. Prescription drugs aren't the only pills with side effects. More importantly, the mind body relationship plays a critical role in what effects the stuff we consume has on our bodies. The natural condition of our bodies is wellness. Why would you want to risk interfering with that?

There is nothing more important than feeling good and how we feel about what we consume is more than just a fleeting emotion.

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