The Natural Approach to Wellness

In the beginning there were no drug stores. The natural environment of the human body was it's entire sustenance. All it needed was the air, water and food that abounded on planet earth. So what happened? Civilization, over the centuries, brought advancements and change, particularly in the foods we eat. Today one of the most technically advanced countries, the United States of America, has the worst average daily diet and the highest per capita consumption of prescription drugs of any country in the world. The USA is not one of the top ten healthiest countries. It seems that we have more respect for our possessions; houses, cars, boats and other toys, than we do for our physical beings. We must become more knowledgeable about

natural health and then take complete responsibility for our own personal well being.

Alternative medicine covers a multitude of practices, philosophies and treatment. They will be discussed in a separate article elsewhere on this site. Two general approaches, naturopathy and holistic, cover a large portion of alternative medicine. These alternative practices differ from conventional medicine in that they focus on cause and prevention. Drug based medicine deals with relieving the pain caused by symptoms.

Homeopathy is included here because it is often confused with holistic and other natural methods.

  • Naturopathy is a medical system based on the belief that nature itself is a healing power and that the human body has the ability to maintain a balance of health and to heal itself. Concentration is on the cause of the affliction rather than on the symptoms. Drugs and other invasive procedures are avoided in all but extreme cases.
  • Holistic health emphasizes the mind, body, spirit connection. The focus is on the person who has the disease rather than the disease that is afflicting the person.
  • Homeopathy This theory of healing was developed in the late eighteenth century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physicist. His principle is that like shall be cured by like. In other words, if a substance produces symptoms of illness in a well person when administered in large doses, it will cure the disease in a sick person if we administer the same substance in minute quantities.

    An oversimplification of the process is that the patient is administered minute quantities of the disease that afflicts him. The process is used to this day and has never been clear of controversy.

There are a variety of other alternative approaches to wellness such as sunshine and whole food diets. Remedies with organic ingredients that have not been chemically altered have proven effective. In fact drinking green tea daily can be a powerful preventative for numerous health conditions. Ingesting man made chemicals and allowing invasive procedures on the body are abnormal procedures and should be viewed as 'last resort' efforts.

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