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Contribute To Vitality After 60

Would you like to share your knowledge about vitality after 60? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Exercise for Seniors

Regular exercise, especially aerobic, can result in weight loss, feeling good and overall wellness for seniors and retirees.

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vitality After60 Table of Contents

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Aging, Anti-aging, and Common Sense

Accepting and understanding aging is more productive than fighting it.

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Seniors and Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements may enhance senior vitality.

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Alternative Medicine; Great Options for Seniors

Alternative Medicine offers relief and wellness to millions of people of all ages.

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Dietary Fiber: A Key to Senior Wellness

How dietary fiber reverses or eliminates disease.

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Cholesterol; Good and Bad Information

What seniors should know about the cholesterol controversy.

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Seniors Need Protein

Minimum protein requirements must be met for vitality in aging.

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Good fats...Bad fats

Which fats should seniors avoid?

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Good and Bad Carbohydrates

Selecting healthy carbohydrates becomes more important as we age.

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Yoga Style Stretching for Feeling Good

How stretching keeps older bodies fit and healthy

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Bicycling and Fitness for Seniors

Older people who enjoy bicycling stay fit and healthy.

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Weightlifting for Seniors

Seniors can increase muscle strenth and bone density through weightlifting.

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Walking for wellness

Walking is the single best exercise for the entire body for people of all ages.

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