Exercise, Why and How for over 60's

Walking; the single, best exercise

Weightlifting builds and maintains muscle

Bicycling, another great way for seniors to stay healthy.

How stretching keeps older bodies fit and healthy

Diet and Nutrition

The right carbohydrates for weight control and a healthy heart

Fats for health and fats to avoid

Choosing the right proteins

Why all the confusion about cholesterol?

Dietary Fiber: Key to Senior Wellness

Aging, Anti-Aging, and Common Sense

The Aging Body

The Aging Mind

Prescription Drugs and the Health Food Store

What vitamins do I really need?

Should I be taking diet supplements?

Do your homework on prescription drugs.

How safe are NSAIDs?

Keep in touch......with your body

What is the body-mind connection?

Basic meditation

Prayer, the Universal Wellness Power

The Natural Approach to Wellness

What is Naturopathy

What is Holistic Health

Sunshine; Nature's cure-all

Herbal Remedies; great alternatives for seniors.

Help for Aging Bones and Joints

Lifestyle changes can slow or reverse osteoporsis

How I got rid of Gout

How to control osteoarthritis naturally

How to Control Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

The Aging Healthy Heart

My personal experience with atrial fibrillation

Common sense and tips in dealing with diabetes

Controlling and Reducing High Blood Pressure

The Aging Immune System

Alternative Medicine; Great Options for Seniors

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture; Pain Relief for Seniors

Yoga and Ayurveda for Senior Fitness

Home Remedies and Folk Medicine

Best Home Remedies; My Personal Favorites

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