The Body-mind Connection

The body-mind connection is being examined more intensely every year. Did you know that your attitude, emotions, thought patterns and spiritual beliefs are better predictors of longevity than blood pressure, cholesterol and other risk factors? Connection does not adequately describe the relationship. The two are intertwined and interdependent components of human beings. One does not exist without the other. How can we use this understanding to enhance wellness and vitality? There are several areas that each of us can consciously and actively work on.

  • Thoughts are Things... Every single thought you have is a bit of real energy. Every conscious action requires a thought that the body responds to and the body responds to every thought. These responses are actual electrical impulses that act upon the cells and organs of the body. If you feel peaceful when viewing a beautiful sunset, that thought causes the body to be calm and at peace. If you feel anger toward a neighbor the cells and organs become agitated and unsettled as if they had received a dose of poison. The bottom line is: When you change your thinking you change your life.
  • Attitude...Optimists and people with positive attitudes are healthier and live longer than pessimists and people with negative attitudes. One psychology report states that older individuals who viewed aging in a positive light lived 7.5 years longer than those who had a negative view of aging. So how do you change from negative to positive? In the words of a seventies song "don't worry, be happy". Over 95% of the things people worry about never happen. Also positive people are more 'now' thinkers and seldom waste energy on the past or future over which they have little control. Again; Change your thinking; change your life.
  • Stress...The body reacts to stress as a perceived threat or danger. It releases adrenalin and cortisol that affect the heart, digestion and other automic nervous functions. Although you may think that uncontrollable events in your life are what cause stress, it is probably a matter of how you perceive, or think about these events. Calm rational analysis is only a beginning. Change your thinking; change your life.
  • Resentment...Resentment, anger and blame are toxic to body and soul. These emotions are like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. There is increasing evidence that resentment is not merely a factor in many types of cancer, but a leading cause. The sad part is that the person who is the object of anger and resentment is usually totally unaware and unaffected. The cure, of course, is forgiveness and moving on. Change your thinking; change your life.
  • Emotional Health...Poor emotional health weakens the immune system and makes you susceptible to viruses and infectious diseases. On the other hand good emotional health enhances the immune system. And you can choose how you feel by choosing how you think. Choosing good thoughts make you feel good and nothing is more important than feeling good.

With the body-mind connection what happens in your mind affects your overall physiology in some way. Proper diet and exercise change your mental patterns in a positive way. Your mental patterns control the activities of the involuntary organs and the autonomic nervous system. Controlling your thinking is not a matter of mind over matter but of mind over mind. Change your thinking; Change your life.

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